Joining Accounting Society

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Accounting Society is open to students from all majors and all walks of life. Whether you’re a working parent, a freshman, or just transferred to Cal State Long Beach, Accounting Society is one of the best places to start if you’re interested in Accounting, Finance, Information Systems, or a related field.

Membership to Accounting Society costs $70. This covers:

  • Admittance (1) for Meet the Firms
  • One organization shirt
  • Limited access to Firm Tours

In addition, you may (but aren’t required to) attend all speaking engagements, community service events, social events, and the Awards & Initiation Banquet.

Accounting Society is ideal if you are:

  • New (Freshman or Transfer)
  • Busy (Work or family and a full time student)
  • Unsure about whether Accounting, Finance, Information Systems, or Business in general is for you
  • Have not taken an upper-division Accounting, Finance, or Information Systems course to pledge for BAΨ

How else can I get involved if I’m in Accounting Society?

You can work and meet other members through joining one of our many committees. Committee members are an integral part of our organization, and participants in committees are recognized accordingly.

Additionally, of the eight officer positions we have within BP&AS, two are open to Accounting Society members.

  • Director of Accounting Society
  • Director of Correspondence

Have any questions? Contact the Director of Accounting Society at

Signing Up

Our organization uses BeachSYNC. It is a platform that allows us to manage all event RSVPs, memberships, hour tracking, and more. It also enables us to be a paper-less organization. Less time spent on paper work, more time spent on members.

To sign up for our organization, all members must be a student at Cal State Long Beach with a valid student I.D. number.

Register for Spring 2019 on BeachSync here