Officer Duties & Requirements


The BAP&AS board consists of 8 executive members:

  1. President (BAP members ONLY)
  2. Vice President (BAP members ONLY)
  3. Treasurer (BAP members ONLY)
  4. Director of Records (BAP members ONLY)
  5. Director of Professional Development (BAP members or will be pledging in Fall 2020)
  6. Director of Accounting Society (BAP members & AS members)
  7. Director of Correspondence (BAP members & AS members)
  8. Associate Treasurer (BAP members or will be pledging in Fall 2020)

NOTE: Each position has a membership requirement in order to run.


President: The President does not have a specific duty. He/she oversees the entire organization’s operations and guides the officer board. The President is the liaison and spokesperson for our Gamma Omega chapter. It is also the President’s job to set strategic goals and plan for the future.

Vice President: The Vice President builds the semester calendar with speaking engagements, firm tours, and other major events (such as multi-BAP collaborations). He/she is the main contact between the firms and our chapter (this role is extremely important) and is tasked to seek and bring new opportunities for all members.

Treasurer: The Treasurer creates a budget and expense plans for resource distribution throughout the semester and thus must be able to foresee incoming revenues and expenses. It is the duty of the Treasurer to control cash flow for the organization. The Treasurer acts as the debt collector for the organization, so he/she will be working extensively with QuickBooks, sending invoices, A/R collection, membership dues, etc. Most importantly, the Treasurer is responsible for creating the financial statements for the organization.

Director of Records: There are two responsibilities as the Director of Records. The first main duty is to report all chapter activities to BAP nationals. He/she will be entering all BAP and pledging members’ hours and our chapter’s activities. The second part of the DOR duty is to manage the candidate class, motivating the pledges as they complete the semester. DORs will also be managing the candidate class board to create candidate events and socials.

Director of Professional Development: The main duty of the DOPD is to create workshops and professional socials/events to develop our members professionally. He/she is in charge of overseeing our Resume Committee, Mock Interview Program, Mentor Program, and Professional Development Committee to help students grow.

Director of Accounting Society: The DOAS plans and directs all major events throughout the semester. He/she will be managing the Special Events Committee to create events: Meet & Greet, Big Buddy Little Buddy, Meet the Firms, Banquet, etc. Additionally, the DOAS is in charge of seeking community service events in which organization members can participate.

Director of Correspondence: The DOC sends out the weekly emails, maintain and improves the BAP&AS website, creates our activity packet, and finalizes newsletters. He/she will be in charge of our Public Relations Committee, overseeing the creation of our monthly newsletter and our social media accounts. Those who are tech and design savvy is preferred but not required (as many BAP&AS visuals and publications will go through the DOC).

Associate Treasurer: The AT’s duty is to order and bring food to all speaking engagements and events. He/she will also work very closely with the Treasurer to help complete collections for the organization. Because the AT is mentored extensively by the Treasurer, he/she usually will take on the Treasurer role in the next semester (so please consider this if you are graduating or do not want to run for officer for two semesters).


MINIMUM TIME COMMITMENT REQUIRED (on average) is 10-20 hours per week.


  • Becoming an officer is a great way for you to develop your leadership skills. It is your duty to lead and guide the members in this organization.
  • You will be the face for BAP&AS, building relationships with student members, faculty, and professionals.
  • Fall semester officer board gets to travel nationally to the Beta Alpha Psi National Conference. In the past, we have traveled to Washington D.C, Atlanta, Baltimore, etc.
  • Spring semester officer board gets to travel regionally to the Beta Alpha Psi Regional Conference. In the past, we have traveled to Sacramento, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco, etc. The purpose of these conferences is to better our chapter and see what other chapters are doing…and have fun with your officer board!