Our Committees

Are you looking for a way to get more involved in the organization, meet new people, and help out with making sure things run smoothly? We have seven committees that are always looking for new committee members to help out and get involved.


If you have any questions, please ask an officer or email us at csulb.bap@gmail.com.


Allison Leang, Co-Chair
Carlos Rojas, Co-Chair

Committee members will be able to expand their business knowledge and networking skills beyond BAP&AS. They will be able to participate in meetings every first and third Thursday each month in the ABSOC room on the second floor of the CBA building. It is our duty to relay information about BAP&AS events to other business organizations. Committee members will have the opportunity to learn more about other upcoming events from other CSULB business organizations to take part in and spread the word to BAP&AS members, and collaborate with the other CBA student organizations.

Professional Development

William Murray, Co-Chair
Tony Nguyen, Co-Chair

Formerly the Academic Development Committee, the primary responsibilities of committee members are to:

  • Provide extra assistance with résumé, cover letters, and mock interviews
  • Help connect students with professional alumni


Daniel Ly Co-Chair
Brian Pena, Co-Chair


The data committee works closely with the Director of Records to record organizational involvement throughout the semester, utilizing data, coding, and business intelligence to maintain accurate reporting records and analyze event feedback. Additionally, the data committee assists with maintenance and upkeep of the official BAP&AS website.

Public Relations

Joshua Butron, Co-Chair
Isabel Calderon, Co-Chair

Marketing Subcommittee
Carolina Estrada, Co-Chair
Alexandria Gonzalez, Co-Chair

The Public Relations committee works closely with the Director of Correspondence and is made up of two subcommittees that work together to brand the organization.

  • Our Newsletter and Photography subcommittee produces creative content and captures the organization’s moments on camera and film; includes photography, videography, and event recap write-ups
    • Members will conduct interviews with students and professionals who are to be featured in our monthly newsletter. This is a fantastic way to build your professional network!
  • Our Social Media subcommittee promotes a strong online presence to connect with members, alumni, professionals, and other schools and organizations


Robert Carbajal, Co-Chair
Michael Rindfleisch, Co-Chair

The recruiting committee is responsible for building awareness of our organization and its events in and around the College of Business Administration. In addition to representing BAP&AS to new students during early-semester tabling and in-classroom recruiting opportunities, the recruiting committee has been expanded to include community college outreach and event advertisement.


Pau Khai, Co-Chair,
Olivia Seritella, Co-Chair

We create a résumé book every semester for firms to refer to during Meet the Firms. This special committee is in charge of reviewing members’ résumé and setting up meetings to provide positive feedback to improve them. Ideally, we are looking for seasoned BAP&AS members with a 3.0 GPA or higher to conduct résumé reviews; you may also be asked to carry out mock interviews.

Special Events

Jason Plourde, Co-Chair
Mohamed Takwa, Co-Chair
Colleen Yu, Co-Chair

The Special Events committee works closely with the Director of Accounting Society to make sure our big events run smoothly. It’s a great way for new members to meet other BAP&AS members, as well as being one of the main reason our large events are so successful.

Mentor Program

(Special Program)

Sam Kang, Co-Chair
Chris Perez, Co-Chair

The Mentor Program allows alumni and veteran members to guide our new members in their transition to balancing school and being an active member in our organization. The coordinator will pair mentors and mentees together and facilitate monthly meetings and other events.

Mock Interview Program

(Special Program)

Michael Saldivar, Co-Chair
Myles Williams, Co-Chair

The Mock Interview Program pairs interviewees with interviewers as needed to help our members through their recruiting processes.



If you have any questions, please ask an officer or email us at csulb.bap@gmail.com.