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Accounting GPA

Courses to include in your Accounting GPA calculation:

  • Acct 201: Elementary Financial Accounting
  • Acct 202: Managerial Accounting
  • Acct 300A/B: Intermediate Accounting
  • Acct 320: Cost Accounting
  • Acct 351: Federal Tax
  • Acct 400: Advanced Accounting
  • Acct 470: Auditing
  • Acct 480: Accounting Systems & Data Processing
Letter Grade Weights:

  • A: 4 Points
  • B: 3 Points
  • C: 2 Points
  • D: 1 Point
  • F: 0 Points

  1. Multiply your letter grade weight by the unit weight of the course (an “A” in a 4-unit course would be 4×4 = 16 points).
  2. Add up all the weighted totals for all the accounting courses you’ve taken.
  3. Divide the total from (2) by the sum of the units for your accounting courses.

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Overall GPA

Your overall GPA is already calculated for you. If you are unsure where to find it, here are a few places you can go to view it after logging into your account at


  • My Academics: Overall GPA is listed on the right side of the page under “Current Academic Summary.”
  • Unofficial Transcript: Overall GPA is listed at the bottom of your transcript next to “CUM GPA”

Major GPA

Accounting GPA is not equal to your Major GPA.
Major GPA encompasses all upper division business courses (IS, CBA, BLAW + ACCT)