Ready to vote? Officer Elections Fall 2020 Board

Officer Elections

Welcome to the Beta Alpha Psi & Accounting Society Election Cycle page for the Fall 2020 semester! We will be conducting all election coverage on this page including why you should vote, how to vote, who is running, and the results.

Why vote?

Voting is an extremely crucial component to the organization as it offers a collective decision about the people who will be operating Beta Alpha Psi & Accounting Society. We are completely student operated, building upon the successes of the past.

If you like what you saw, want to see things improve, or want to keep the status quo, then let your voice be heard! Each vote counts for the myriad of positions offered from BAP&AS. All votes for the Fall 2020 Officer Board will be carried out electronically through an election system with a voting link sent via email with a personalized ballot. It is an anonymous polling system where each member can only cast one vote. In addition, all results are static, meaning they can not be changed once polling closes. Results will be made public at the of the cycle.

We encourage every single member in Beta Alpha Psi & Accounting Society to vote! Best part? It’s all online!

How do I vote?

Simple! All members will be sent a voting link with a personalized ballot via an email from our Accountancy Chair, Dr. Krishnan, on the day of the election, Friday, April 24. Your vote matters!

  • You may only cast one vote per position
  • You will be notified when you have voted for each position
  • Please vote for all possible positions open to your current membership status

Your voting patterns are and will remain anonymous.

Voting for Candidates

Below is a list of all candidates. In addition, all candidates have their platforms published for your consideration. Simply click a candidate name and you will be taken to their officer candidacy statement. There is a link at the end that will take you to the voter page.

  • Accounting Society members may vote for any positions labeled as BAP&AS
  • Beta Alpha Psi members and qualifying candidates may vote for all positions
  • Beta Alpha Psi candidates who are running for a Fall 2020 BAP position must be initiated into the chapter; failure to meet initiation requirements forfeits the position

Who is Running?

Click on the officer’s name to view their officer candidacy statements!

Click HERE to see the officer duties and requirements page.

Associate Treasurer (BAP&AS)

Treasurer (BAP)

Director of Correspondence (BAP&AS)

Director of Records (BAP)

Director of Professional Development (BAP)

Director of Accounting Society (BAP&AS)

Vice President (BAP)

President (BAP)

Online votes will be open at 7:00 p.m. on April 22 and close at 7:00 p.m. on April 23.
Run off elections, if needed, are scheduled Friday to Saturday. Check your email to vote now!