Get involved! Social, Community Service, and Networking Events

Activities & Events

As a member of our organization, you have the opportunity to participate in many events not found in other organizations. With strong leadership and high member participation, we are able to design events that address the important skills needed by our profession.

Speaking Engagements

Mon | Wed
KIN – 59
5:00 – 6:00 pm
Open to all

We host two meetings per week for our members. At every meeting, a professional speaker from a firm will present on a wide range of subjects. From proper etiquette to professional interaction, each meeting is designed for you to walk away with something valuable.

The meetings serve as a supplement to your education at Cal State Long Beach. The professors will teach you how to think like an accountant; the professionals will show you what the accounting industry is about. There are many paths to take, and you won’t know which one you might like until you learn about it!

Meet & Greet

Wednesday,  January 29
6:00 – 9:00 pm
USU Game Center
Open to all

Don’t know anyone in the organization? Not sure if accounting is for you? This is the event for you. We reserve the bowling alley of the USU and bring you pizza. It’s also free.

At Meet and Greet, you will meet all kinds of people. One day, they may be your friends. Approach a pledge, a member, an officer, an alumni, or someone who is just getting started.

We’re kicking off the semester right, and you’re invited.

Meet the Firms

Thursday, March 5
5:00 – 8:00 pm
The Centre Events Venue
Membership required

Meet the Firms (MTF) is the biggest event that we host. This formal reception enables students to meet, socialize, and network with firms, members, and other accounting professionals who represent numerous industries and government agencies.

We invite many organizations to MTF to provide you with a broad spectrum of opportunities. The majority of the attending organizations are public accounting firms. This group consists of local, regional, national, and Big 4 firms.

And more…

  • Big Buddy Little Buddy
  • Alumni Socials
  • Candidate Fundraiser
  • Workshops

  • Firm Tours
  • Community Service Events
  • Awards & Initiation Banquet
  • Study Sessions

  • Speakers & Panels

Is there an activity or event you’d like to see BAP&AS offer but don’t see listed? Join one of our committees and make it happen!