Our Committees

Committees are the backbone of our organization. Our committees allow us to bring our events to fruition and improve the professional development of our members, and are effectively an extension of our officer board. We can’t do all the things we do without the help of all our committee members and chairs!


Adriana Ramos, Co-Chair
Manuel Tamayo, Co-Chair

Committee members will be able to expand their business knowledge and networking skills beyond BAP&AS. They will be able to participate in meetings every first and third Thursday each month in the ABSOC room on the second floor of the CBA building. It is our duty to relay information about BAP&AS events to other business organizations. Committee members will have the opportunity to learn more about other upcoming events from other CSULB business organizations to take part in and spread the word to BAP&AS members, and collaborate with the other CBA student organizations.

Academic Development

Jessica Lam, Co-Chair
Manuel Tamayo, Co-Chair

Formerly the Tutoring committee, the primary responsibilities of committee members are to:

  • Sit in the CBA Lab during the assigned time and do homework
  • Help other students if you can
  • Get to know other BAP&AS members
  • Encourage studying and doing well in classes


Adam Doty, Co-Chair
Angelica Garcia-Potter, Co-Chair

As one of the newest committees in BAP&AS, there is a lot of freedom in defining the responsibilities and goals for the data committee this semester. Committee members will primarily deal with data, statistics, and business intelligence for the organization.

Public Relations

Julian Hyodo, Chair

Social Media Subcommittee
Derrick Hwang, Chair

The Public Relations committee works closely with the Director of Correspondence, and is made up of two subcommittees that work together to brand the organization.

  • Our Newsletter and Photography subcommittee produces creative content and captures the organization’s moments on camera and film; includes photography, videography, and event recap write-ups
  • Our Social Media subcommittee promotes a strong online presence to connect with members, alumni, professionals, and other schools and organizations


Eileen Byun, Co-Chair
Brent Tuanquin, Co-Chair

It’s the responsibility of the Recruiting committee is to ensure that we build awareness of our organization in CBA, and specifically for Accounting majors. The committee is being expanded this semester to also raise awareness for our panel events.


Danielle Latsch, Co-Chair
Alex Malinis, Co-Chair

We create a resume book every semester for firms to refer to during Meet the Firms. This special committee is in charge of reviewing members’ resumes and setting up meetings to provide positive feedback to improve them. Ideally, we are looking for seasoned BAP&AS members with a 3.0 GPA or higher to conduct resume reviews; you may also be asked to carry out mock interviews.

Special Events

Yzabel Balagtas, Co-Chair
Linda Hoang, Co-Chair
Chase Rossi, Co-Chair

The Special Events committee works closely with the Director of Accounting Society to make sure our big events run smoothly. It’s a great way for new members to meet other BAP&AS members, as well as being one of the main reason our large events are so successful.

Are you looking for a way to get more involved in the organization, meet new people, and help out with making sure things run smoothly? We have seven committees that are always looking for new committee members to help out and get involved. Ask an officer or email us at csulb.bap@gmail.com to find out how to join a committee!